What is "FunSports" ?

'FunSports' are scientifically designed physical activities developed after extensive research by American Universities and Physical Education experts. They are fun and engaging but also deceptive and proven to induce higher level of physical activity among children.

'FunSports' is a fun way of motivating and inspiring children to get physically active and thereby adopt a healthy lifestyle. Sustained 'FunSports' among children would train them to acquire physically fit, mentally alert and emotionally balanced overall personalities.

Benifits of "FunSports"

  • Unique Advantage: Perform Anytime, Anywhere
  • Holistic Growth : Mental, Emotional and Physical
  • Cognitive and Motor Skill Development of Children
  • Neurological Optimisation (better memory and reliable skill sets for life)
  • Physiological Development: To understand success and learn from failure
  • Social Skill Development : Team spirit Camaraderie and Leadership Skills
  • Future Advantage : Higher likelihood of adoption of some formal sports
  • Healthier Future : Strong protection from Life Style diseases

What is a "FunSports" Challenge video?

A FunSports challenge video is a fun filled unassuming physical activity assigned to the student by NAC. It could be any physical game/exercise, martial art technique, ball handling, and juggling from any ball sport, yoga lesson, callisthenic body movement etc. Such physical activities tend to become a great family fun moment as well. Parents, children, and siblings start competing with each other while having fun.

Example Activities: To juggle two tennis balls by one hand non-stop for a minute or to kick a ball from 10 feet away in a bucket three times in a row. These activities work in a deceptive manner. While they look short and easy to perform, students spend an average of 6-7 hours on learning and performing a new skill. Most FunSports challenges can be performed anytime – anywhere, This makes it easier for the student to adopt more physical activities even while staying indoors

    Each month students receives Two types of video challenges that includes :
  • FunSports Challenges: These are Instruction based FunSports challenges with pre assigned points.
  • FreeStyle Challenges: NAC allows a user to show their creativity & skills. In Freestyle challenges a student can create and upload their best creative move that induces physical activity, it can be a Dance, Freestyle Activity of any sports etc. A user gets a bonus scores depending upon his creativity and performance between 1 to 20 points.
  • The objective of National Active Championship (NAC) is to further induce fun-physical activities and sports among youth. Students engage in the championship by responding to online challenges and win monthly prizes, selected school receive on-site FunSports Workshop. The online challenges contain ‘FunSports’ videos designed by leading researchers in the field of physical education and fitness so that they acquire a healthy lifestyle and also excel in their future careers. National Active Championship is an annual contest that commences beginning of April.


The Active Fun Academy (AFA) is an Anytime-Anywhere Co-Scholastic Programme designed specifically to enhance at-home physical activity of urban Indian children. The digital video content is developed specifically for students from pre-nursery to Class XII. AFA’s goal is to inspire and motivate children to become physically active through attractive & engaging ‘FunSports’ designed by leading researchers. AFA’s basic 'FunSports' program is offered to the children at no additional cost. Learn More

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